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rhr_fanmix's Journal

Ron/Hermione Fanmix
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A Ron/Hermione Fanmix Community

Welcome to rhr_fanmix, the place to post or listen to Ron/Hermione fanmixes. I noticed a Harry/Hermione one on Livejournal, and I respect that, but I thought that Heron shippers need a place to post theres. So, fan of R/Hr? Come and Join, and share the Good Ship Love ♥♥

Mod : thenarnianqueen
Co-Mods : If your interested - please contact me
Promotions : If your interested - please contact me

Please read, understand and agree to the rules before posting/joining.

- ABOLUTELY NO ship bashing. If your not a Ron/Hermione shipper, perhaps if you ship Ron and Hermione wth someone else, please DO NOT join just to bash.

- When you post the fanmix, please put the title of the fanmix, followed by stating that it's a Ron/Hermione fanmix. E.G- Accio Love: The Ron/Hermione Fanmix

- Please keep the fanmixes R/Hr. If you have made a fanmix of another ship, i'll understand if you accidentally post it in here by mistake, but please keep it R/Hr. It is a R/Hr fanmix community, after all

- If someone's posted a fanmix, let them know how good it was. Comments are love

- If you want to affiliate with this community, let me know by posting in the welcome post

- Positions to be a co-mod is underway, so comment in the welcome post if your interested

- Post Deathly Hallows Fanmixes are welcome; the book has been out a while now, so spoilers are welcome

- I'd appreciate it if all fanmixes were all just Ron/Hermione, but Rupert/Emma one's are okay

- Most of all; Have Fun!
Want to Affiliate? Let us know in the Welcome Post on the community, we'll be more than happy to; and yes, even H/Hr comunuties. I respect other people's views on Harry Potter ships, but I have to say, I DO NOT tolerate Ron-bashing H/Hr shippers/shipping communities


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I just want to take a moment to thank 2da_kine for the manipulations used in the banner and header for the community - thank you!


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We currently are working on getting some up, but if you wish to donate - please let me know by messaging me.
- Thank you!

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